Blue Beauty 2021


Blue Beauty, the New Green!

Can we just call it Green again or can we deal with a new generation? A new way of thinking? Or we can think bigger, Blue Beauty is a movement, almost an international manifesto for protecting the environment!
We speak of Blue, we speak automatically of species preservation in bioecological systems and we involve the entire productive process of the cosmetic industry. We refer to disposal control, generation of contaminants, innovation in the use of biodegradables, environmentally friendly raw materials and much more!
ABC is again being the pioneer in this new worldview because it involves the entire production chain of the cosmetic industry and all benefited consumers. We invite you to meet and join this movement at the Blue Beauty event!
Be part of the BLUE world!


Enilce Maurano Oetterer - General Coordinator Blue Beauty 2021



When: March 24 and 25, 2021

Location: Online Event (ABC's online event platform)

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Brazilian time)


Broadcast Language:

Portuguese, English and Spanish



Online Physical or Legal Associate ABC - R$ 150.00
Online Academic Associate ABC - R$ 75.00
Online Not Associated - R$ 300.00

FELASCC Miembro - R$ 150.00 (purchase with exclusive payment by PayPal)

IFSCC Member - R$ 150.00 (purchase with exclusive payment by PayPal)


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ABC members who choose to pay offline, the amount can be paid in boleto bancário.


The schedule can be changed without notice.


See event details at:


ABC - Brazilian Society of Cosmetology


Blue Beauty 2021 - Online Event #21.0.009

  • The interested party is aware that, as from the act of registration, payments are due to ABC, in the manner and form chosen, if there is no express communication of withdrawal within the appropriate period. Withdrawals can be formalized to ABC up to 70 (seventy hours) before the start of the course or event. Once formalized and duly received, any payment obligation will cease. If there has been any payment, the withdrawal is formalized within the period provided for above, ABC will refund 80% (eighty percent) of the amount paid within 7 (seven) business days from the formalization, by means of a deposit in a current account that must be expressly indicated by the interested party. To receive the certificate, the participant must be present on the day (s) of the event. The participant is already aware of ABC confirming the event within 72 hours before the start date. The event may be canceled or change dates, in the event that it does not reach the minimum number of students or for exceptional reasons. In this case, the amounts already paid by the participant for the course will be fully refunded.

  • Updated Chrome browser computer

    Zoom Application Installed - CLICK HERE to download.


    Microphone (if you want to interact in chat rooms)

    Internet connection (preferably by cable) with a minimum speed of 5 mb / s

    valid email - your access will be validated through it.


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